Bball girl Courtesy by Der Jump

About Me

I am a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering at at Arizona State University. I work with the amazing Dr. Schaefer at the Motor Rehabilitation and Learning Laboratory. My dissertation work studies the feasibility of using neuromodulation techniques to modulate motor learning and performance.

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Behavioral neuroscience seems to capture my research topic best. However, I have always felt that “behavioral neuroscience” emphasizes neuroscience, rather than behavior. Personally, I idendify as a researcher who studies motor behavior and just happens to do so from a neuroscientific perspective. Ultimately, my goal is to do applied research about the brain and the body to impact motor behavior, i.e. improving athletic performance. Just like the cartoon gives it away, I am looking forward to continue the research and hopefully can use my skills for women’s basketball. :basketball: :basketball_woman: