I study motor skill acquisition. Or how to learn to move with a level of expertise, like playing my favorite sport :basketball:. Our ability to learn these movements is related to visuospatial ability, the cognitive ability to perceive the spatial relations :triangular_ruler: to objects we interact with through vision :eye:. My overall research question is: “can changes in visuospatial ability affect motor skill acquisition?”

I use neuromodulation to tackle this question. Neuromodulation, by its name, is to modulate neural activity purposefully. Can we enhance visuospatial function through neuromodulation, and thereby enhance motor skill learning? Answering these questions can reveal an opportunity to improve motor learning, which ultimately leads to better performance.

Below are my recent projects for this research. I am working on developing the contents, but all the titles are out there so that you can get a :eyes: of what I am doing.